Sabre Corporation, a leading software and technology provider in the global travel industry, has recently partnered with GOPASS Global, a travel risk management platform, to aid in the delivery of its innovative COVID-19 biosecurity risk analytics capabilities to the travel industry.

With the use of advanced analytics to deliver a single interpretation of all the biosecurity risk elements of a trip, GOPASS Global will help to resume travel with confidence supporting both corporate and leisure travellers. By joining Sabre, GOPASS Global can further improve its competitive position in the international travel marketplace.  

The GOPASS travel risk management systems are already available to travel agents worldwide. Through its integration with Sabre’s shopping APIs, GOPASS shows a quantifiable risk score onto every travel option and will display the information to travel agents, who will then be able to better advise their clients.

Mark Radford, CEO, GOPASS Global said, “For the travel industry to open up, recover and grow, it is vital that we are able to reduce and mitigate the risk of travel so we can instill renewed confidence in travel for both the leisure and corporate traveller.” 

He added, “It’s clear leisure travellers want to know about potential travel risks so they can avoid or mitigate them. But this is especially critical for corporate travel as we learn to live with this pandemic. Companies need to ensure they are taking their duty of care to employees seriously when it comes to travel. It’s essential, therefore that travel agents, and ultimately travellers, have all of the critical information they need at their fingertips when planning their trip to make the decisions that are right for them.”

GOPASS Travel Risk Optimizer, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, provides travellers with a detailed analysis of all aspects of their travel, including risk exposure, arrival and exit restrictions, flight routes and transit, airports, airline and aircraft type, seat class and travel advisories. Furthermore, agents will be able to view a risk score out of ten per flight itinerary, which will enable them to identify the lowest risk levels overall.

Marcos Pinedo, vice president, partner solutions for Sabre Travel Solutions said, “Sabre’s vast portfolio of services allows Developer Partners to create value across the entire traveler journey; from inspiration, and shopping to post booking so we’re thrilled to be supporting GOPASS Global as one of Sabre’s approved developer partners.” 

“GOPASS Global helps to simplify and shorten the shopping and booking workflow for agents by providing all information required at shopping time, helping them to be true travel experts for their customers and enabling travelers to recommence travel with confidence. Our new partnership with GOPASS Global is also a testament to Sabre’s ongoing commitment to breaking down walls in the travel technology industry at a time when collaboration is more important than ever,” he added.

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