Dubai Flights Diverted Due to Rare Flooding and Storms

Dubai city

Because of exceptionally strong storms, Dubai International Airport (DXB) has momentarily diverted arriving flights on Tuesday evening until weather conditions improve, but departures continued to operate.

Operations at DXB were halted for 25 minutes due to the storm, which caused rare flooding in the desert region, including flooding on the airport’s tarmac.

The abnormally strong downpour had an impact on more than simply Dubai International Airport. Schools in the United Arab Emirates were closed due to rain, while at least 18 people perished in Oman in recent days as a result of the harsh weather, according to NBC.

The rains inundated roads and created unsafe circumstances throughout one of the world’s driest regions.

Al Arabiya, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned news agency, captured video of planes needing to skim through floodwaters at Dubai’s major tourist destination airport. Meanwhile, the airport’s support vehicles were partially submerged during the violent storm.

The Associated Press reported that more than 4.7 inches of rain fell in a single day. Excessive rain caused water to enter houses and businesses.


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