Novotel and WWF Announce Three-Year Plan to Drive Sustainable Practices Across 580 Hotels Worldwide


Novotel’s recent collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is a significant step forward in their commitment to environmental responsibility, with a special emphasis on ocean conservation. The three-year collaboration intends to positively impact Novotel’s 580 hotels worldwide by incorporating science-based action and conservation projects into their operations.

This partnership is consistent with Novotel’s long-standing commitment to balance, both in their business model and in improving their guests’ work-life experiences. By focusing on the ocean, the company hopes to help preserve and restore this key environment, which plays an important role in climate regulation and biodiversity.

Novotel’s action plan, based on United Nations principles, includes actions to minimize marine pollution, combat overfishing, and improve scientific understanding of ocean health. Novotel’s Positive Impact Plan has four main pillars: reducing plastic and carbon footprints, making sustainable food choices, increasing education and understanding about ocean conservation, and contributing to research and innovation.

The relationship with WWF has four primary goals: developing sustainable seafood regulations, promoting knowledge about ocean importance among visitors and employees, lobbying for ocean preservation, and supporting marine species through specialized projects.

WWF’s role includes offering technical knowledge, conducting site visits, and developing a dedicated steering committee to monitor Novotel’s performance. In addition, Novotel will support WWF conservation projects around the world, including as safeguarding marine environments, eliminating marine garbage, and tracking sea turtle populations.

This collaboration underlines Accor’s overall commitment to sustainability, as seen by prior initiatives such as supporting renewable energy projects and eliminating single-use plastics throughout its properties. By collaborating with WWF and embracing environmental stewardship, Novotel sets a precedent for the hospitality industry and helps to worldwide efforts toward a more sustainable future.


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