GPS 2020: Tripper Wifi Is All Set To Change The Way Indians Connect When Travelling Abroad

When travelling to a different country, staying connected becomes a major priority. Having access to the internet has become essential for people travelling. However, getting access to data abroad can be a tedious and expensive process. At GPS 2020, the Dope spoke with Manan Parikh, the co-founder and CEO of a unique new device called ‘Tripper Wifi’ that may very well revolutionize the way people access the internet when travelling abroad. 

What is Tripper Wifi and how does it work?

Tripper Wifi, a company of IoT (Internet of Things) connects devices globally. If one has a tripper wifi device, they can access the internet across 149 countries. The best part about this device is that it does not require a sim card to function. As small as a phone, the device needs to be charged and turned on in a location, which is when it automatically connects to local internet connections. Once you have a tripper wifi device, you have unlimited access to the internet, irrespective of where you are. Even when you change countries, or move from one continent to another, the device seamlessly connects to local devices.

“We want to help Indian outbound travellers and give them access to the internet wherever they are. It took us almost 2 years to develop this product. There were a lot of glitches along the way but we managed to overcome all of them,” says Mr. Manan.

What’s even better is that 5 devices can be connected to one tripper wifi unit, making it the perfect companion for people travelling in groups. “5 devices can use Tripper Wifi for uninterrupted streaming. We suggest only 5, though up to 10 devices can be connected. However, beyond 5, the speed may start decreasing. But up to 5 devices, Tripper Wifi works perfectly well,” adds Mr. Manan. The Tripper Wifi device is also economical and works out less expensive than international roaming.

Mr. Manan also spoke about GPS 2020 being a wonderful platform for him to showcase his product to a wide range of travel agents pan-India. “GPS 2020 has been excellent. It’s gone beyond my expectations, I’ve had the opportunity of meeting and interacting with so many different people.”



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