The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has launched a new campaign requesting governments around the globe to resume international travel and enable the world to ‘Reunite’ once more.

The new campaign will showcase the key role that international travel has on individuals and businesses, after a year of global lockdowns due to the coronavirus.

The Reunite campaign, through its social media platforms, will reach out to travellers around the globe, to share their own stories of how travel has a positive effect on their lives and mental well-being.

No doubt, tourism makes a noteworthy contribution to economies around the world, but the WCCT also believes that it offers an essential way for people to connect, experience and discover different cultures.

The campaign launched a positive feel-good video that reveals how now is the time reconnect, collaborate, rebuild and reunite. It is time to start the world moving again, to reunite families, friends, communities, cultures and collogues.

As COVID-19 cases begin to decline and with the effective rollout of vaccines in many countries, it is vital that governments recognize what tourism contributes to the economy and the people as a whole.

Although many countries have been able to combat the spread of the pandemic, it is very important to recognise that some nations and regions are still battling to put the pandemic under control.

The majority of vaccinations have been in developed countries, which means that the pandemic will continue to spread in those countries that do not have equal access to the vaccine.

“Travel gives us memories which last a lifetime and the most amazing experiences to share, so we are excited to launch a campaign that gets to the heart of what travel means to people,” said Virginia Messina, WTTC senior vice president.

She continued to add, “Travel has a hugely positive benefit upon the world, far beyond the immediate pleasure it brings to those who are able to explore and discover people, places and amazing experiences for themselves.

“Right now, so many people have been separated from their loved ones for months if not over a year since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

“For the past year WTTC has been hugely invested in advocating for the social and mental benefits of tourism.

“Through this campaign we are hoping to help kickstart the recovery of our sector through a truly worthwhile experience: reuniting with those who matter most to us.”


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