Dip down to new heights! The Address Beach Resort, Dubai has added another golden feather to its cap by becoming home to the world’s highest outdoor infinity pool. The incredible pool is being highly praised for offering mesmerizing views of the entire city, including that of the city’s iconic Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and the World Islands, as well as another record-breaker, the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel, which is the world’s tallest.

At a height of 964.2 ft and sitting on the 77th floor of The Address Beach Resort, the massive pool has recorded its name in the Guinness World Records. The pool measures about 311 feet long and 54 feet wide — almost double the amount of an Olympic-sized pool. From the vantage point, it is about nine-tenths the height of the Eiffel Tower.

Mark Kirby of Emaar, the resort’s parent company, said in a statement. “We are very honoured to have received this accolade. The Guinness World Records titles positions Address Hotels and Resorts at the epitome of luxury and within bucket list destinations for travellers.”

The Address Beach Resort has more than just the infinity pool — the property is also home to an adults-only pool, family pool, and kids’ splash pad. The amenities are open to all hotel guests; however, the infinity is restricted to guests over the age of 21. The Asian fusion restaurant Zeta Seventy-Seven is also located on the 77th floor adjacent to the pool and offers equally spectacular views.

As well as holding the Guinness World Record for the “highest outdoor infinity pool in a building in the world”, this remarkable feature isn’t the only Guinness World Record that The Address Beach Resort holds. The resort is part of a 77-story twin tower with the two buildings joined from the first to 13th floors. The buildings are again joined by a skybridge from the 63rd to 77th floors, which holds the record as the “highest occupiable skybridge floor”, at a height of 965.7 feet.

The hotel opened in December 2020 with 217 guest rooms and suites, and it also has 443 furnished residences and 478 unfurnished residences.

Fascinatingly, another record-setting pool is set to open in London later this month. The Embassy Gardens is home to the clear-bottomed oasis, which hangs 115 feet in the air. When the pool opens on May 19, it will be the world’s largest freestanding acrylic pool structure.


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