Skål International leaders met in Torremolinos, Spain


Skål International gathered in Torremolinos, Spain, for their annual Mid-Year meeting, as well as to commemorate official Skål Day, with the participation of various local authorities and mayors. The Skål International Executive Board and International Council met in Torremolinos, Spain, from April 27 to 30 for their annual Mid-Year Meeting. On April 28th, they commemorated World Skål Day.

Burcin Turkkan, President of Skål International, officially welcomed members of the Executive Board and International Council to their meetings, as well as a final combined meeting between the Board and Council.

Julie Dabaly, President of the International Council, attended the Executive Board meetings and led the Council through three days of agenda-packed sessions with various local government officials in attendance to support the organisation.

“As an organization, we are constantly searching for updating and optimizing ourselves for the benefit of our membership.” said worldwide president Burcin Turkkan, the global president, stated as they discussed the industry’s post-pandemic challenges. ‘Together we are stronger as one’ is president Turkkan’s theme for the year as she calls for all members and industry partners to work jointly towards the full recovery of the tourism industry.”

President Turkkan and her whole board, along with the International Council, delivered a live statement on two time zones throughout the three-day meetings to commemorate Skål International Day. She also shared her message of unity through live zoom-in celebrations and participated in new membership inductions held in different parts of the world.


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