Skål International officially became a member of the Associate Community of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) in March 2021. Skål International has been collaborating with WTTC since the Covid 19 outbreak swept the world in early 2020.x1

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is the world’s leading authority on tourism’s economic and social impact. WTTC promotes the travel and tourism industry’s long-term growth by collaborating with governments and international organisations to create jobs, boost exports, and produce prosperity. The Chairs, Presidents, and Chief Executives of the world’s biggest private sector travel and tourism companies make up the Council. The World Travel & Tourism Council of 2020 is an organisation that has grown tremendously since its foundation, but its essential beliefs and purpose remain the same. The Members of the WTTC continue to be the driving force behind the organization’s operations and policy.

“The current situation presents challenges that require all our collective energy. In this context, alliances between organizations are also crucial to building the necessary significant social pact. Building bridges is fundamental, and collaborations are the cornerstone to foster understanding and broad consensus. For this reason, Skal International continues to strengthen ties and promote joint work with prominent organizations in the sector to reconstruct the tourism industry. In addition to our ongoing work with the UNWTO, we have recently formalized a new alliance with the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). We are now an associate member of WTTC. We have recently endorsed the Supporting Women in Travel & Tourism initiative, a document that recognizes the contribution of women around the world and the importance of an equitable environment for women to thrive as leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.”

Daniela Otero, CEO, Skål International

Skål International is now working to restore the tourism business as part of a collaboration agreement with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). Skål International has become an approved partner of WTTC to provide a ‘WTTC Safe Travels Stamp’ to all Skål International members who apply and qualify for it as of June 8, 2021.

The WTTC #SafeTravels Stamp was designed to help tourists identify places and businesses around the world that have implemented the Safe Travels global standardised health and hygiene norms.

Once the WTTC establishes the health and hygiene protocols, eligible businesses such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, attractions, short-term rentals automobile, outdoor rentals, retail, transit, and airports will be able to use the stamp.

“One of Skål International’s stated objectives is to promote the development of the Travel and Tourism Industry worldwide through global partnerships. Our alliance with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) is of strategic importance to our organization. We are proud of CEO Daniela Otero’s work with the WTTC. As an Associate Member, we firmly support the Security and Travel Facilitation initiative WTTC #SafeTravels Stamp to help the industry recover from the Pandemic and re-start travel.”

– World President, Skål International.

As each country or region transitions to the “new normal,” the WTTC Safe Travels Stamp aspires to align the private sector with universal criteria to protect the safety of its workers and travellers. The stamp helps travellers to identify companies all over the globe that have embraced the WTTC’s Covid-19 global health, hygiene, sanitation, and physical distancing regulations.


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