In response to travel trends and customer demand, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority has added a new option to the extended-stay ‘Live it’ programme.

Visitors to Saint Lucia can now enjoy island life for up to a year with a multiple entry visa.

Saint Lucia is inviting travellers to immerse themselves in local culture while discovering the destination’s natural beauty on an extended stay holiday or working remotely with ease through both possibilities of the programme.

Saint Lucia’s programme was launched in early 2021, which allows visitors to stay for up to six weeks.  For those who would like to make many visits of any length, the second phase of the Live it programme allows applicants to stay for up to a year with a multiple entry visa for USD$75.

Families, remote workers, millennials, and just about every visitor can benefit from the Saint Lucia’s long stay programme.

Visitors can organise their own prolonged visits freely, or they can have their vacation curated and customised by dedicated specialists who will build a tailored experience for visitors to work, play, sleep, and dine while enjoying the convenience of a dedicated local concierge.

Visitors to Saint Lucia can work remotely comfortably and reliably while on the island, as free Wi-Fi is available at hotels, villas, and public places. Many hotels currently provide remote work conveniences and additional bonuses, allowing for a perfect work-vacation balance.

For a really authentic experience, applicants can pick between two options:

  • Tailor-Made Experience: No two trips are the same since they are all carefully curated by Live it Island Specialists. The immersive programme offers guests an off-the-beaten-path schedule that allows them to safely discover Saint Lucia’s sites and attractions while living like a local. Visitors can tailor their own itinerary to suit their requirements and interests by working with Live it specialists such as Barefoot Holidays, Serenity Vacations & Tours, and St. James Travel & Tours.
  • Live it Independently: Applicants can apply for a multi-entry visa for up to one year directly with the Immigration Department by completing a Saint Lucia Application Form at least two weeks prior to their trip date. Applicants will receive a temporary acceptance letter within five days if their application has been granted. The visa fee, as well as a printed copy of the approval letter, must be paid at the airport upon arrival in Saint Lucia and presented to a customs officer.

While participating in the Live it programme, visitors can stay in whatever hotel or villa they want.

In addition, Bay Gardens Resorts, The Landings Resort and Spa, and Windjammer Landing have extended stay programmes with incentives for families and remote professionals.

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