Image Source: Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is finally set to start its cruises by the end of June, 2021 after being suspended for almost 15 months due to the ongoing pandemic. Their ships will be operating out of US Ports.

This is the first step towards the return of the cruises by Royal Caribbean after their break of more than a year due to the Pandemic. The company announced that they have been in touch with the CDC, and that they have understood all of their concerns, but in addition, their talks with them about cruise lines starting again has enabled the CDC to understand their concerns as well. A lot of the data submitted by Royal Caribbean related to their sailings abroad has been reviewed by the CDC with regard to the science behind the virus and the pandemic, and so this has helped them to come up with better ways in order to contain it, prevent it from spreading and ensure that a cruise ship can be as safe as the local communities that the guests will be coming from. As a result of all this the CDC has now clarified and updated its rules to allow the ships to start sailing from the US ports. By this, Royal Caribbean has been granted Sailing authorization as well.

Two cruise liners Serenade and Ovation will sail the Alaskan route on two separate dates. While Serenade starts on July 19th, Ovation sets sail on 13th August. This is a welcome move for all stakeholders, the travellers, the employees of Royal Caribbean and the Alaskan community. 

The start of these cruise will help kickstart the local economy of Alaska which depends heavily on tourism. 

Serenade until now started the voyage from Vancouver, Canada now starts from Seattle. The route will cover Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, and Icy Strait Point, Alaska during its voyage that takes seven days. Besides this, tourists get to see Endicott Arm fjord and Dawes Glacier. 

Ovation starts its voyage in August and it takes the travelers through regions of natural wonders and fjords that are filled with wildlife. What adds to this experience is what they onboard the liner.  There are also other activities that the guests could engage in, such as the iFly skydiving simulator and the North Star glass observation capsule as well. All these experiences make this cruise line one of a kind. 

The cruise line has also kept in mind the current situation with the pandemic and will only allow guests over the age of 16 years, who are fully vaccinated. The entire crew on board will be completely vaccinated as well. As for those below the age of 16, they will undergo a Covid test before sailing. The places they will visit will also be completely safe, and all safety precautions and measures will be followed, and the cruise lines will also be in contact with the health officials and the CDC to ensure the same. 


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