Many people believe that every seven to ten years, all of your body’s cells or molecules are replaced by new ones, prompting them to wonder if they are the same person.

In a similar vein, as Qatar Airways unbundles perk after perk from its business class, some are wondering when “business class” becomes “business class” no longer.

But first, some background. Qatar Airways’ business class is one of the most luxurious in the world. It’s also one of the few airlines that has continued to travel to Australia during the pandemic.

However, earlier this month that they had eliminated an ‘unalienable’ business class right in order to, depending on your perspective, decrease costs to help with the pandemic crunch, or provide consumers more choice (as the airline claims).

What exactly did they do? They took away the option for business class passengers to choose their own seat for free (this was previously a given when purchasing a business class ticket).

This was done as part of a de-bundling that took place in November 2020.

Today, the process continues, with Qatar Airways doing something again that may raise the brows of the pointy-end brigade.

Not only has Qatar Airways removed the option for business class passengers to choose their seat for free, but as part of their new ‘unbundled’ business class option, airport lounge access will no longer be included (another type of unbundled fare which has now been added to the roster).

From September 4th, 2021, you will be able to choose from a new type of fare called Business Lite. It sits between the Classic (R), Comfort (I, D), and Elite (E) business class fare levels (C, J).

Whether or not they choose the Lite option, frequent flyers with sufficient status will be allowed to access the lounge.

While this may annoy some business class passengers who enjoy using the lounge, they can always upgrade to a higher level of business class. However, a  sizable number of passengers who book business for the in-flight experience (and the lie flat bed) will be more than delighted to take advantage of the airline’s offer for a lower price. 

Of course, how much cheaper the unbundled ‘Lite’ fare is will determine if the scheme is actually worth it. Only time and ticket sales will tell how successful the new ‘Lite’ option will be… However, there are plenty of folks who travel business class primarily for the bed and are prepared to give it a shot.

– India’s new age travel digital media


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