British Airways Is Preparing For The Relocation Of Terminal 8 At JFK Airport

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American Airlines and British Airways have announced plans to renovate Terminal 8 at New York’s JFK Airport.

In December of this year, both carriers will relocate their operations to the facility.

The relocation will bring the Atlantic joint business partners closer together, thanks to a $400 million investment to refurbish, expand, and improve the terminal.

“American is eager to welcome British Airways to their new home at JFK,” Alison Taylor, American’s chief customer officer, said.

“Their move to Terminal 8 further deepens our longstanding partnership and makes it easier than ever for customers traveling between New York and London or onward across our global networks.”

The first airlines to commence rehabilitation efforts at JFK were American and British Airways.

In January 2020, they broke ground on five additional widebody gates, four new widebody hardstand parking positions, a new baggage handling system, new customer facilities, and expanded premium visitor offerings, totaling roughly 130,000 square feet of new and refurbished terminal space.

“New York holds a special place in our heart as one of our most well-loved and important destinations,” said Tom Stevens, British Airways director of brand and customer experience.

“Our move to the redeveloped and expanded Terminal 8 will bring a range of benefits for our customers, including a better transfer experience, enabling them to travel to more than 30 destinations across the United States, Caribbean and Latin America with American Airlines.”

British Airways will stay in Terminal 7 until the end of the year.

Premium clients travelling on both airlines and other oneworld partners will have access to a reimagined journey through JFK depicted by newly released artist renderings once the project is completed later this year.

After passing through security, select guests will be directed to one of three unique lounges that combine the best of both brands to create a polished, welcome pre-flight experience based on cabin of travel and loyalty program status.

Around 1,000 of American and British Airways’ most loyal customers will be seated in the expanded premium lounge options.

Original high-end finishes have been used to create a unique sense of space while also enhancing the experience and care provided to each guest.

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