During Shark Week, Atlantis, Dubai is hosting a series of shark-themed educational programmes for guests who are ready to take the plunge – and learn everything there is to know about this fascinating species while having a once-in-a-lifetime experience and contributing to the environment.

Home to 11 species of sharks, including the Blacktip shark, Arabian carpetshark and Zebra shark, from July 11-18 guests can tick off an array of jaw-some bucket list experiences including the exhilarating ten-metre-deep Predator Dive, where guests can take part in feeding time, and the world’s deepest aquarium walk, AquaTrek Xtreme.

From July 11 to 18, tourists can cross off an array of jaw-dropping bucket list experiences, including the adrenaline ten-metre-deep Predator Dive, where guests can participate in feeding time, and AquaTrek Xtreme, the world’s deepest aquarium walk. The Blacktip shark, Arabian carpetshark, and Zebra shark are among the 11 shark species found here.

At the AZA-accredited Lost Chambers Aquarium, budding conservationists from children to teens can participate in Atlantis Dubai’s new Marine Biologist programmes to get closer to sharks (Mini Marine, Junior Marine, and Master Marine).

These activities are designed to instil in children a desire to safeguard marine life and to help them understand why Atlantis, Dubai’s specialised team of marine animal specialists, places a high focus on the welfare of each individual animal.

On a Fish Tales Tour at the Lost Chambers Aquarium, both underwater adventurers and marine life lovers who prefer to keep their heads above water can discover more about shark species unique to local Arabian Gulf waters, such as the Arabian carpetshark.

Guests may also learn more about Atlantis, Dubai’s shark breeding and release programmes, including getting a closer look at the eggs, which are carefully monitored by skilled aquarists from the time the babies hatch to the time the juveniles develop and the adult sharks are released into the wild.

With a multitude of themed documentaries, videos, and events, Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week feast, now in its 33rd year, casts a focus on one of the world’s most interesting creatures.

Atlantis Dubai is participating in this week of discovery and education as part of its objective to increase awareness of sharks and other marine creatures under Atlantis Atlas Project, the destination’s dedication to conservation and sustainability.

Throughout 2021, $1 will be contributed for every marine animal encounter booked to conservation, sustainability, and environmental education initiatives chosen twice annually as part of the Atlantis Atlas Project to make a meaningful influence on the natural world.


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