For those looking to travel by train across the country, this rail pass is just what you need.

Amtrak has relaunched its USA Rail pass, a 30-day rail pass that allows passengers to take up to 10 trips anywhere in the country within a month. The company is currently running an offer giving with a discount of $200 on the rail pass.

Using this 30-day rail pass, travellers are allowed to book a whole bunch of trips under a fixed rate. They can buy the pass for $299 and book up to 10 trips anywhere in the country at no additional cost. That’s an average of $30 a trip.

Travellers will have 120 days to book their first trip after purchasing the rail pass. Once the first trip commences, the 30-day time limit will begin for them to take the rest of the journeys.

The sale of this rail pass to take a multi-segment train journey across America will end on June 22.

Roger Harris, the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer at Amtrak said in a statement: “We want to offer customers a truly unique way to travel this summer.” 

Amtrak said the “travel segment occurs when a customer boards and disembarks one of Amtrak’s scheduled services. If the trip involves making a connection, customers will use two segments of the USA Rail Pass.”

These passes can be bought on, and travellers can begin building their itinerary on the website or through the Amtrak app.

Amtrak says that through the app, customers will be able to access their ticket, check train statuses and receive boarding information before departure.

There are around 500 destinations available with the pass. One needs to bear in mind that the pass is not available for Acela service, for the route between Virginia and Florida, as well as the Canada stops on the Maple Leaf line. The pass will not allow you to book more than two roundtrips between the same two stations. This is to encourage travellers to go out and explore and prevent owners of the pass from using it as a glorified commuter pass.

Amtrak is currently not offering seat upgrades to Business Class or a private room to USA Rail Pass holders.

For more information about the Amtrak rail pass and additional restrictions, visit


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