Tripadvisor Announces Subscription-Based Model To Boost Bookings

Tripadvisor has launched Tripadvisor Plus which is a new membership program for its travellers. Tripadvisor Plus hotels will now receive special badging and a greater visibility on the platform. This will ensure they stand out from the competition. Bookings will increase at a lower cost as compared to traditional channels. This will directly provide crucial cost saving to hotels in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. 

Hotels can join this new program for free

Tripadvisor has made things easy for hotels allowing them to join for free with no upfront costs and zero commission rates. As for travellers, Tripadvisor Plus will be offered the ability to up-level their travel by unlocking insider savings, personal service, benefits and perks. This will all be available for an annual membership fee of $99.

Hotels can now focus on significantly reducing their third-party costs and pass on some of those savings to their customers. Travellers will be offered discounts and perks along with an enhanced guest experience. “Tripadvisor Plus is a gamechanger for both travellers and hoteliers,” said Kanika Soni, chief commercial officer, Tripadvisor. She added, “Travelers get to enjoy a memorable experience thanks to special perks and discounts – and hotels have a brand-new way to attract valuable guests while avoiding hefty third-party commissions.”

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