Taiwan Is Working Towards Creating Travel Bubbles Within Asia Pacific

Taiwan is hoping to create successful travel bubbles with Asia Pacific and promote business-oriented travel. These travel bubbles will prioritize diplomatic and business visits and pave the way for mutual tourist interactions through 2021. If business travellers are able to provide valid reasons for their travel to Taiwan along with a detailed itinerary, they may also be exempt from the 14-day incoming quarantine. The CECC (Central Epidemic Command Centre) is working towards getting this process started.

Cooperation between multiple nations is essential

The creation of such travel bubbles will require cooperation between multiple nations and is in its early stages of consideration.  Asia-Pacific countries such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand would be included in the first phase. In a second round of medium-term considerations, India may also be included. 

Taiwan is working towards boosting opportunities for domestic tourism hoping that it could also be offered to international tourists at some points. New incentives like free rides along the night rail line in New Taipei, discounted bus tickets for mountainous explorations, and a joint discount program by the hotel industry through a central NT$500 discount program are going to be offered to potential tourists. 

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