Tahiti Shuts Down Tourism As COVID-19 Cases Significantly Rise

French Polynesia has had to ban tourists in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. The government has ensured that all travel to and from non-European Union destinations, except in urgent cases, is to be suspended. This includes the lockdown of popular tourist destination, Tahiti.

Only certain exceptions to travel allowed during the second lockdown

The French High Commission has had to introduce a second lockdown with no exceptions for the tourism industry. Travellers who are presently on the island will be able to leave when their trip is completed. The government will allow exceptions into the country only when it involves the death of a family member, medical emergencies, health professionals working to stop COVID-19, administrative or judicial summons, and more.

French Polynesia, including Tahiti, first closed its borders at the onset of the pandemic but then reopened to tourism in July 2020. Post this, the territory recorded a total of 18,000 cases. Before reopening in 2020 the island only had 62 cases and had eliminated the virus. 

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