IATA Urges For Governments And Aviation To Collaborate To Successfully Restart Travel

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has urged governments across the world to collaborate with the aviation industry to begin a process that can successfully connect people, business and economies once the pandemic subsides. 

This partnership is critical to establish global standards

The IATA emphasizes that it is critical for this partnership to take place as it will accelerate the establishment of global standards for testing certification and vaccination. Alexandre de Juniac, IATA chief executive commented on this saying: “We can see the light at the end of the tunnel as vaccination programs roll out. Turning this vision into a safe and orderly re-start will require careful planning and coordination by governments and industry.This will be challenging as the priority for the weeks and months ahead will be containing the spread of new variants. But even as the crisis deepens, it is important to prepare the way for a resumption of flights when the epidemiological situation permits”

It is crucial at this time for governments to understand the importance of re-establishing global air connectivity. Appropriate policies and global standards will help facilitate this process. Junaic continues: “There are plenty of moving parts in the equation. The number of people vaccinated, and the availability of testing are key among them. Airlines have adapted their operations in order to maintain cargo operations and some passenger services, while complying with the numerous and uncoordinated restrictions imposed. Building on this experience they can help governments with their preparations for eventually safely re-establishing global connectivity for their people, businesses and economies.”

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