Sarawak In Malaysia Receives RM 48mn For 18 Tourism, Cultural Projects

Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri, Minister, Malaysia’s Federal Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry has allocated a total of RM 48,252,000 to fund the implementation of the proposed 18 tourism and cultural development projects in Sarawak.

This initiative will extensively boost tourism in the country

The allocation is one of the initiatives of the federal government to aid the state with its tourism infrastructure development.

“These projects also include the development of eco-tourism facilities. Santubong National Park and Kuching Wetland National Park have been chosen for the same,” Nancy Shukri said.

Additionally, the government will also help develop tourism infrastructure specifically for homestay operators. It will look at operators in Ba Kelalan, Santubong, Sarikei, Padawan, Kuala Sibuti, and Kampung Mendalam.

Sunset over the town of Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Nancy Shukri stated that the state government’s application for allocation under the Homestay Facility Improvement Programme is under the process of implementation. This programme is under the Fourth Rolling Plan of the 11th Malaysia Plan Year 2020.

With respect to the National Eco-tourism Plan (NEP) 2016-2025, Sarawak is under the ecotourism Cluster focus of the plan. The plan aims to maximise the potential of the ecotourism sector in the country.

She further added that the plan in Sarawak will be monitored by the Destination Coordination Group (DCG).

“With the establishment of this DCG, the issues related to it are product development and management in ecotourism, conservation of nature and promotion and marketing which can be discussed with government agencies, local authorities, industry players, non-governmental organisations and the local community,” she added. Out of the 60 eco-tourism clusters listed in NEP 2016-2025, Sarawak has nine clusters.

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