Ministry of Tourism Reviews Safety Measures of Hotels On Reopening

Recently the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) permitted hotels to operate in Delhi. To check if hotels have safety measures in place, Prahalad Singh Patel, Union Minister of State for Tourism and Culture visited Hotel Ashok.

Run by India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), this check is crucial for all hotels to ensure the safe health of visitors as well as the staff running these hotels.

As hotels reopen, what are the safety measures put in place for travellers?

Patel explained the decision of reopening hotels. He said “Opening of the two biggest segments of the tourism industry viz hotels and restaurants in the country’s capital is a positive move. This move will help push domestic travel and give much relief to the industry. 

He further expressed that the DDMA’s decision is a welcome step towards the revival of the tourism industry in Delhi.

safety measures


After checking the Hotel, Patel discussed the various initiatives ITDC has been conducting. ITDC has trained its staff with respect to health and safety guidelines. Each division has its own SOP and to be extra precautionary, ITDC has signed an MOU with AIIMS. This has been done to bring in an advisory body to make sure adequate steps for safety is taken.

Since June 8, the Ministry of Home Affairs has permitted hotels and restaurants to restart in a phased manner. To support this decision, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has issued SOPs for the operation of these establishments. Ministry of Tourism has also formed Operational Guidelines and given it to hotels and restaurants across the country.

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