Lufthansa Processes Millions Of Refunds Due To Pandemic Fallout

The Lufthansa Group has recently reimbursed €2.7 billion to a total of 6.3 million customers in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and its subsequent lockdown. Over the past week, around 1,800 of these refunds have been taken care of every hour. 

Only complex cases that need additional processing are still ongoing

Apart from the complex cases, the Lufthansa Group said that claims issued before the end of June have already been settled. Due to this, the number of open ticket refunds to be processed has been reduced to one million.

As travel restrictions and air bubbles are constantly been updated, flight cancellations are continuously increasing. Due to this, Lufthansa has been receiving new reimbursement claims.

Refund For Flight tickets, Lufthansa

The Group currently receives three times as many applications as a direct result of the pandemic. Hence, the number of open refund claims will continue to develop at a steady pace but might decrease in the coming weeks.

The Group added that it was working continuously to speed up the processing and initiated several measures to achieve this. This includes tripling the capacity of employees in its customer centres. Additionally, employees from other departments have also been brought in to provide support and settle these claims.

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