Iceland To Allow Travelers Who Have Recovered From COVID-19 To Bypass Quarantine

Iceland is set to become more accessible to international tourists starting December 10. All visitors who can provide proof of prior COVID-19 infection and recovery will be exempt from Iceland’s mandatory 14-day quarantine and screening requirements. Presently, the country’s restrictions ensure that all travelers from COVID-19 risk areas will have to undergo 14 days of quarantine or undergo two screening tests separated by five days in quarantine until the results of the second test are known.

Iceland reopened to tourists in summer this year

A spokesperson for Iceland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs told CNN that officials will only accept “documented results from a laboratory within the European Economic Area/European Free Trade Association area or a confirmation from the chief epidemiologist in Iceland.” 

The border screening tests are all free until January 31 2021. Iceland reopened to international tourists in the summer and has managed to contain the virus by restricting gatherings and capacity at restaurants, bars and tourist attractions.

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