Abu Dhabi’s Hotel Occupancy Rises As Tourism Gradually Restarts

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has seen a 3% year-on-year growth in hotel occupancy since July 1. The emirate is expecting the numbers to increase further, with new initiatives in place, as the country’s tourism sector gradually reopens.  

The UAE government was praised for its efforts to control the spread of the pandemic, along with managing social and economic impact. The local government in Abu Dhabi has implemented strict measures and carried out COVID-19 testing, which caused the cases dipping to less than 1% in Abu Dhabi City.

DCT Abu Dhabi has been working with industry partners and stakeholders to introduce  initiatives for hotels and cultural attractions

The Go Safe certification program helps boost consumer confidence and the tourism sector within Abu Dhabi simultaneously. The program aims to regulate hygiene standards across all hotels in Abu Dhabi through implementing a strict set of guidelines across all tourism destinations. More than 80% of hotels in Abu Dhabi have started the process to become ‘Go Safe’ certified. W Hotel and Louvre Abu Dhabi are amongst the first venues to obtain the certification.

Another major step towards booking tourism is the UFC Fight Island, which is taking place on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island from July 11 to 25. Abu Dhabi is hosting over 1,632 local crew members and 609 international delegates flying in as part of 63 commercial flights. Guests will be staying within a safe zone of 11 square kilometers on Yas Island, comprising seven hotels and several dedicated facilities.

The government has also introduced various schemes to support the tourism industry and boost hotel occupancy. Restaurants, tourism, and entertainment facilities will offer a discount of 20% and a suspension of tourism and municipality fees for sector players for 2020. As Abu Dhabi gradually reopens its borders for tourists, they are collaborating with both public and private sectors to prepare its reopening of popular attractions, such as Louvre Abu Dhabi, and plans to host more global events soon.

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