Survey: Travelers Are Opting for Environment-Friendly Travel

Global data provider OAG surveyed more than 2,000 travelers on sustainability issues, In January and February right before the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey stated that consumers expect the entire travel ecosystem – especially OTAs and travel search engines– to be more transparent about the sustainability impact of various travel options. 

Travelers’ sustainability concerns go beyond the airline industry

The survey revealed the following responses:

– 56% of all travelers, 50% of business travelers, and 68% of millennials considered switching their preferred airline if there were “more environmentally friendly options available.”

– 54% of all travelers, and 69 percent of millennials –would more likely “use a travel site to plan and book travel if they received sustainability-related information to help inform purchases.”

– Many respondents said that they are willing to explore new options to reduce their carbon footprint.


– 66% of respondents said they would be willing to accept fewer daily flights with larger aircraft if it resulted in fewer carbon emissions.

– 50% said they be willing to change to a “greener mode of transportation, even it if took longer than the typical flight.”

– 50% said they would be willing to double their travel time for a greener mode of transportation.

– 59% of all travelers and 44% of business travelers said they would be willing to increase their total travel time by two or more hours.

– 36% of respondents said they would be willing to pay up to 10 percent more for “flights that had a smaller impact than other similar flight options.” 

– 80% said they would pay up to 25 % more; 2% said they’d pay up to 50% more; 54% said they would not be willing to pay more.

– 32% of all travelers and 42% of millennials said that their booking decisions would change if data on a flight’s environmental impact/carbon emissions would be available. 

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