Survey: Passengers Eager To Start International Travel

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) managed by GVK-led Mumbai International Airport conducted a ‘Restart Feedback Survey’ after the resumption of flight operations to know the needs and expectations of travelers to continue providing them with a world-class experience. 

The outcome of the ‘Restart Feedback survey’

The ‘Restart Feedback Survey’ was conducted with 1,386 passengers and this survey revealed that passengers are waiting for the return of the normal flight operations and are looking forward to international leisure travel. Also, passengers have started to be comfortable with air travel, given the pandemic, as 98.4% of the passengers traveling to and from CSMIA found it to be safer than traveling in bus or train stations and 99.6% found air travel to be the most reliable mode of transportation in the new normal. 


‘Restart Feedback Survey’ displays a change in the purpose of travel for passengers to understand passenger sentiments like their apprehension and expectation towards air travel during the pandemic. The survey showed a radical shift post two months of domestic flight operations where 54.7% of passengers were identified revealing that they are to travel for work and business purposes as compared to the 43.3% of passengers who were traveling back to their homes. The study also states that passengers are happy with the safety precautions taken by the airport and are ready to fly twice a month. 

According to the survey, passengers are confident to avail F&B services, considering the provided safe and hygienic choices available at the airport. Further, an increasing passenger comfort in retail shopping amongst the exclusive brands and products available at the CSMIA was observed. Concerning passenger’s satisfaction, the survey stated that 100% of the passengers are happy with the procedures implemented and with the actions taken due to the pandemic. It was also found that 99% of the passengers rated four and above out of five for passenger safety and hygiene experience at CSMIA. 

The wellbeing and safety of the passengers and ensuring to assist them with high-quality standards remain important to CSMIA. CSMIA works continuously towards impressing travelers with its exceptional services and also towards gaining insights into its passengers’ needs. The survey states that the airport’s vision of forward-looking, offering the best service to passengers, and making efforts in rendering travel to and from Mumbai as the most elevating and desirable experience.

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