United and American Airlines CEO’s Commit to Being First on Board Repaired Boeing 737 Max 8 After Crashes

The Boeing 737 Max 8 fleet has faced considerable media attention owing to the two fatal crashes involving two of its aircraft in Ethiopia and Indonesia. Ever since all the planes were grounded and the organisation has been working towards rectifying its mistakes. Committed to upholding its reputation, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz says he’s willing to be the first to get back on board once the carriers are in operation again, reports NBC News.

In an interview, American Airlines Chairman and CEO Doug Parker said that “there is an absolute fix” for the Boeing 737 Max aircraft. The planes are awaiting recertification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In his first television interview since the planes were grounded, Parker said, “There’s one that we will all be comfortable with, or the aircraft won’t be re-certified. And our pilots are gonna agree with that, or the aircraft won’t fly.”

Future Course of Action Regarding The Boeing 737 Max 8

boeing 737 Max 8 crash

Investigators have uncovered that the crashes were caused by an anti-stall system called MCAS. In March, FAA grounded American Airlines’ fleet of 24 Boeing 737 Max 8. In the United States, American, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines are the only three airlines that operate the aircraft.

Parker openly discussed how reinstating faith in the carriers might be a task, but it’s one they are hoping to handle well. “Accidents like this, tragedies like this, are you know horrific,” he said. “Now in our case, we’ve always believed that, that airplane with our pilots, with our training was an airworthy aircraft. But we’re not, we’re not, it’s not for us to decide whether or not the aircraft flies. It needs to be safe for everyone.”

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The FAA has called on civil authorities around the world to discuss the agency’s safety analysis; and plan to return the Boeing 737 Max fleet to service. Parker has reiterated that his pilots are involved in constant discussions with the FAA about required training for pilots.


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