Poland Reopens Borders To British Travellers

Poland is welcoming British travelers as direct flights between the two restarts. UK citizens are currently allowed to travel into, out of and throughout Poland without being asked to self-quarantine. Poland is also now exempt from Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice against all non-essential international travel.

This announcement is the result of the new policy measures set out by the Polish government

These measures are to ensure that the hospitality and tourism industry maintains the highest possible standard of health and safety. the ministry of development and the Polish Tourism Organisation announced the detailed guidelines for hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. All hospitality businesses must limit the number of individuals (both visitors and staff) staying in a building. The staff must wear face masks and gloves at all times.

Iwona Bialobrzycka, director of the Polish Tourism Organisation said, “The UK market has always been very dear to us and we just cannot wait to welcome you back in our lovely cities. We have been analyzing travel searches and the ongoing trend is promising. There is still the desire to visit our country among UK travelers.”

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