PATA Wants More Cooperation Among Stakeholders For COVID-19 Recovery

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has called upon greater cooperation among industry stakeholders, both from the private and public sectors to work together towards the recovery of the travel and tourism industry. In the history of travel and tourism, Covid-19 has been the greatest single crisis so the industries need to work together to provide a unified, coordinated, and transplant path towards the recovery.

The Chief Executive of PATA, Mario Hardy, said: “A fractured approach will leave our industry forfeiting many issues to health and security authorities, and the implications can be disastrous.” He mentioned: “While the current pandemic is first and foremost a public health issue, we must engage stakeholders across all industries and highlight the importance of travel and tourism’s economic contributions to destinations, communities, and people, as well as its close links to trade and community development.” And further added: “We must also acknowledge our environmental and social responsibilities, commit to sustainable practices and support every practical measure that seeks to reduce the effects of climate change while contributing valid and pertinent ideas and activities to assist in the rapid, robust, and responsible renewal of the travel and tourism industry.” 

Some outcomes from the regular discussions between PATA and other cooperation 

PATA has been in regular meetings with various partners, industry organizations,and associations to work towards the goal of recovery ever since the Covid-19 outbreak. One of the outcomes of the discussion was the launch of the expanded PATA Crisis Resource Centre created with the help of the Asian Development Bank(ADB).

The CRC expansion provides action-oriented interactive multimedia content that focuses on crisis preparedness, management, and recovery for destinations and other tourism companies across the Asia Pacific. After consulting with other potential partners, PATA also hopes to add more resources that will be beneficial to organizations as they deal with the pandemic. 

To provide a unified resource for both private and public industry stakeholders to work together in a coordinated manner, there are various public tools available on the site which includes the crisis communication kits, recovery planner, and case studies.

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