Madeira In Portugal Welcomes Remote Workers With New Initiative

Madeira, an autonomous region in Portugal is fast emerging as the main option for remote workers after a major new development. The Digital Nomads Village is a significant project in Portugal for remote working. The demand for remote working has majorly increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The pilot programme in Madeira will run until the end of June

This sub-tropical haven has been declared Europe’s Leading Island Destination for the seventh time last year at the World Travel Awards. Visitors from around the world see it as an ideal place to stay in temporarily. Madeira is situated in tranquil Ponta do Sol on the south coast, with views out to the Atlantic. The entire space is now dedicated to welcoming a community of remote workers who no longer need to work out of their home country. During the pilot programme which will run until the end of June, the village will offer guests a free working space with a desk and chair, access to a Slack community and free internet use.

This new initiative has been launched in partnership with Government of Madeira, StartUp Madeira and acclaimed digital nomad Gonçalo Hall. Residents who choose to stay here must commit to live there for at least a month. The location is prepared to host up to 100 nomads at any given time. The destination is small but a significant cultural hub on the archipelago. It has gorgeous beaches, local restaurants and bars. Residents have many places to unwind once they finish their day’s work. 

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