Israel Prepares To Reopen Tourism In The Country With Small Steps

Israel authorities are taking small steps towards reopening the hospitality sector in the country. The decision was taken during a meeting that was chaired by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. New measures will be put in place to allow the steady reopening of the tourism sector.

Accommodation will open from May 3rd

These new measures include allowing hotels and accommodations with ground floor rooms – such as Zimmers or bed and breakfasts – to reopen from May 3rd. A Zimmer is a type of rural accommodation akin to a bed breakfast. However, Zimmer’s are usually smaller. These facilities will initially only be open to domestic visitors. 

However, a complete return to activities will be dependent on how the death rates due to coronavirus change in the coming few weeks. Guidelines for operating hotels will also be in place, formulated with the assistance of the Ministry of Health.

Commenting on these new developments, Tourism Minister Yariv Levin said: “I welcome the first step that was made today. This is good news to thousands of business owners and workers in the tourism industry, who for the first time since the outbreak of the crisis, have a date set up for their return to activity.”

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