Israel And Greece Sign Bilateral Agreement To Promote Tourism

Israel and Greece have officially signed a bilateral agreement to enhance tourism cooperation in Jerusalem. This new agreement will come as a welcome relief to the industry that is struggling due to the pandemic. Israeli minister of strategic affairs, Orit Farkash-Hacohen, has expressed her happiness to Greek minister of tourism, Harry Theoharis, in welcoming Greek and other visitors to Israel. The country continues to vaccinate its population to promote itself as a healthy post-COVID destination. 

Decision to promote joint packages between the two nations

Both the ministers held a meeting and signed an agreement to strengthen the cooperation in the fields of research and training in the field of tourism. They have also decided to promote joined packages and initiatives between the tourism industries in both countries. “Signing an agreement on international tourism when the skies are closed and vacations seem far away is a beacon of hope: it is a reminder to those working in the entire industry that we are working to make sure they reopen as soon as possible,” Farkash-Hacohen said.

The minister also called on tourists to visit Israel. “I want to take this opportunity to encourage Greek people, and everyone else: make Israel your post-Covid destination.”

Theoharis stated: “It is of great satisfaction that we concluded the Agreement on cooperation in the field of tourism between Greece and Israel. This agreement is part of the strategic plan of the Greek government and aims to enhance significant partnerships with countries of the wider Mediterranean region. In 2019, we hosted around 715,000 Israeli visitors.”

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