Google Maps India Introduces Live Train Tracking and Other Features

Google Maps India has launched several new features to make life easier for its many users in India. Users can now track their trains live, check bus travel estimates and also check trains that run between two destinations, reports India Today.


With the bus travel estimate feature, commuters can check bus travel time based on live traffic conditions on their chosen route. This new feature will utilise Google’s live traffic data and public bus schedules.

Checking train and bus routes now only a tap away

Commuters in all major cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Lucknow, Chennai, Mysore, Coimbatore, and Surat can use this feature by entering their starting location and destination and then tapping on the transit tab. The results for bus travel time will include the time in green (when running on time) or red (when delayed).


For the live train tracking feature, users can use maps to check when their train will arrive at a certain destination, all in real time. They can search for trains along their route of travel. To make things easier, it will also display the status of a train (if it is delayed or on time).


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A mixed-mode directions result feature will show the total time it will take for a commuter to travel between two locations using multiple transport options. For example, the time a commuter would take to reach the same destination either by walking or by using the metro train will be displayed. This feature will also include time taken by auto-rickshaws as well.


Google explained the new features and how it would benefit consumers in a blog saying,

“The public transport tab on Google Maps for Android will now tell you when taking such a journey is a good option, how long it will take, which station you should take an auto-rickshaw to/from. You can also see the rickshaw meter estimate, and departure times for your transit connection.”


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