GoAir Allows Free Cancellation And Rescheduling After Coronavirus Outbreak

On Sunday, GoAir announced that it will stop charging any fee on cancellation or rescheduling of tickets booked until April 30, owing to the coronavirus threat. This will apply to all bookings made between March 8 and April 30 and for the travel period between March 8 and September 30.

GoAir waives zero cancellation and rebooking fee

In an official statement, the airline clarified that the zero cancellation and rebooking fee can be availed if done up till 14 days before departure. GoAir made the move right after IndiGo announced that they would be waiving rescheduling charges on tickets booked between March 12 and March 31 for its domestic and international flights on similar concerns. However IndiGo has not given its customers the option of cancellation. GoAir also mentioned that customers will have to pay a fare difference when rescheduling a flight. 


“We looked at what could be going on in the consumer’s mind right now especially in the prevailing uncertain situation. It emerged that the freedom to reschedule flight tickets without any strings attached was the biggest concern,” Managing Director Jeh Wadia said.

Presently. GoAir operates  300 daily flights to 35 destinations with 27 of them domestic and the rest fly international.


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