Fortune Hotels Launches New Safety Programme

Fortune Hotels, a member of ITC’s hotel group, has introduced ‘Safe Stays at Fortune Hotels’. This is a comprehensive program that consists of safety and hygienic protocols for their guests and associates, right from pre-arrival to checkout. This program, supported by the 10 pillars of safety and hygiene, will be thoroughly adopted across all its hotels, once they reopen.

Fortune Hotels has also tied up with TQS Global Management System, a leading Food Safety and Research Firm. They plan to implement CORE 19 (COVID Secure) Safe Practices Protocol blended with Deming Cycle certified under ISO Standards, for its properties throughout India.

Phase-wise implementation to take place

For the next few months, all Fortune hotels will undertake a phase-wise implementation, training, and certification exercise. TQS Global, having 7 years of alliance with the Fortune Hotels, has effectively trained over 350 associates for OFQUAL British certification. They also implemented food safety and hygiene protocols across the chain in various capacities. 

“The world is undergoing a vast change in the way we travel, stay, and socialize. We realize that the Covid-19 outbreak will change the nature of holidaying and doing business altogether. This hygiene program and certification are thus important steps forward towards re-defining our spaces and experiences thereby creating a very safe, hygienic, and stress-free environment for our guests.” Said Samir MC, Managing Director, Fortune Park Hotels Ltd., while discussing this program.

The ‘Safe Stays at Fortune Hotels’ program 

The ‘Safe Stays at Fortune Hotels’ program is a best practice and an all-encompassing protocol. It adheres to 10 safety and hygienic pillars, which are:

– Deep Cleaned & Sanitized Rooms

– Safe Public Spaces, Social Distancing for Hospitality

– F&B Hygiene and Safe Handling Procedures

– Safe Meetings, Hygiene Check Stations 

– Trained and Sensitized Staff Members

– Hygiene Code of Conduct

– Emergency Response Protocol

– No Contact Payments & Bill Settlements. 

This program will cover all the departments & sub-departments of hotels including the heart-of-the-house and the guest-facing areas. It will also go beyond basic norms like wearing masks and social distancing, and provide a comfortable, positive, and safe environment to gets and associates, across all its properties.

The process will include implementation and certification towards COVID safety protocols and ISO 9001 which is a standard developed for the certification of Quality Management Systems (QMS) to enable effective system integration. CORE 19 (COVID Secure) Health & Safety Management System will be implemented, with the help of manifold tools both online and on-ground, during the complete project. 

The program includes ‘Safe Stays at Fortune Hotels’ protocol along with the stringent guidelines from the Indian and International bodies such as the Ministry of Tourism, FSSAI, Codex, WHO, FAO, and CDC. It will also consist of QMS Principles blended with Occupational Health and Safety Analysis Systems (OHSAS) guidelines. 



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