Europe May Keep Borders Closed Due To Fear of Virus Resurgence

The European Union is recommending that the borders remain closed to the U.S. and other foreign travelers for at least two more weeks. The list of 15 countries allowed to travel to the EU will remain the same, including Canada, Japan, South Korea, and China, Bloomberg reports. 

The move comes from the fear of a resurgence of the virus around the world

A resurgence of the virus around the world is one of the reasons why they are reluctant to open borders and ease national lockdowns. While health policies in the EU are normally a national responsibility, the 27-nation bloc has so far coordinated voluntarily. The European travel ban announced on June 26 went into effect on July 1. The U.S. Travel Association this move of restricting U.S. travelers “incredibly disappointing and a step in the wrong direction as we seek to rebuild our global economy.”

 However, U.S. travelers can still travel to Croatia as well as Serbia, North Macedonia, and other Eastern European destinations. They can also transfer through many European airports. The Caribbean is one of the easiest places for Americans looking for a getaway.

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