Etihad Airways To Include COVID-19 Test On Tickets

Etihad Airways will be including PCR tests in all air tickets booked by passengers in the UAE. These are applicable for flights departing from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. This will be in effect until the end of this year. It will also apply to all destinations except services to China.

These services will be available at its collection facilities in the UAE

Partnering with Life Medical Diagnostic Center (Life Dx), the airlines will provide convenient testing between 48 to 96 hours before departure.  Passengers flying first or business class will further have the option to select tests at their home.

Dr Nadia Bastaki, Etihad Aviation Group Vice President Medical Services, said, “This allows Etihad to provide greater ease of travel for those departing from Abu Dhabi, by removing as much inconvenience from the PCR testing process as possible. This follows on perfectly from the recent introduction of complimentary COVID-19 insurance cover on all Etihad Airways tickets.”

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Hosam Fouad, Founder and CEO of Life Medical Diagnostic Center, said, “The solution’s main concept is to ramp-up the capacity of Life Dx’s central lab for up to 40,000 tests a day. This will be done through fully automated robotic systems. Thus creating a wide network of sample collection centres through partnering with selected healthcare providers across the UAE. Now passengers can book their appointments online easily at their most convenient location and time before their flight.” 

Passengers flying to China from Abu Dhabi will have to undergo specific testing procedures

They can only use SEHA testing facilities. They must produce a government-approved negative COVID-19 PCR test result within 48 hours prior to departure. Only then will they be allowed to board.

For other passengers leaving the UAE from Abu Dhabi, a negative COVID-19 PCR test result has to be submitted within 96 hours prior to departure. Passengers travelling to Morocco will further require an lg antibody test.  

Etihad Airways is also collaborating with SEHA and Mediclinic Middle East for passengers who wish to book the tests separately. This option will be available at their home, or at selected facilities in the UAE before their travel.

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