Discover Qatar Launches First Expedition Cruise Series

Discover Qatar has announced that it will be launching its first expedition cruise series that will offer its guests a luxury travel experience around Qatar’s coastline. The cruises will be designed for adventurous travelers and are set to provide a rare opportunity to observe the largest gathering of the world’s largest living fish – the Whale Shark – in the Al Shaheen marine zone. Whale Sharks are a remarkable species and have been estimated to have existed for nearly 60 million years. 

The expedition cruise will allow passengers to experience a restricted marine zone

The Discover Qatar expedition cruise will also give passengers a chance to experience the Al Shaheen restricted marine zone – a diverse ecosystem of immense natural beauty – to witness the majesty of the Whale Shark gathering, as well as a unique coastal exploration adventure. Whale sharks can live up to 100 years and grow up to 12 metres in length. During their annual migration to the region between the summer months of April and September they are found feeding in groups of hundreds in the Al Shaheen marine zone within the Arabian Gulf. This area lies 80 kilometres off the northern coast of Qatar.

Discover Qatar is the destination management subsidiary of Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Group chief executive, Akbar Al Baker, said: “Qatar is a unique setting for expedition cruises, and I am hugely excited to launch our first product in this area to show off our country’s beauty to the world. Qatar, with its abundance of rugged, untouched nature, surrounded by crystal waters and a unique biodiverse ecosystem, offers exciting adventures that allow visitors to connect with nature and visit areas of Qatar that are only accessible by the sea. Also, our guests will have the unparalleled opportunity to observe the biggest gathering of the world’s largest fish – the Whale Sharks.”

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