Changi Airport In Singapore To Start Camping And Dining Facilities For Public

Changi Airport in Singapore has planned a host of new reinventions to keep people engaged as the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. It will now offer glamping for families at Jewel, the nature-themed entertainment complex open to the public. There will also be a range of holiday offerings including canopy park tours that involve topiary walks and bouncing on a sky net, to seasonal dining menus.

Glamping experience to help the airport through COVID-19

Parts of the neighbouring Singapore Expo site are being transformed into a giant construction site as 840 guest and meeting rooms are built-in short order. This is part of Connect@Changi, a sprawling facility to house overseas business visitors as part of a bubble initiative. The glamping facility will allow visitors to stay overnight amid the greenery and wake to the sound of splashing water from the world’s largest indoor waterfall at the airport. Prices start from S$320 ($240) and slots have been fully booked for weeks.

Changi Airport, like all aviation centers has suffered because of the pandemic. What was once Asia’s third-busiest hub for international traffic has seen passenger numbers plunge to 24,500 in May, just 0.4% of what they were 12 months prior. They recovered to 111,000 in November, but that’s still down around 98% on 2019 levels.

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