Boeing 737 Max Orders Continue To Be Cancelled Despite Recertification

The Boeing 737 MAX is set to return to service, however there have already been several cancellations of orders. The airplane manufacturer has revealed that 88 orders for MAX jets were canceled in November, bringing the total of abandoned orders to 536 for the year. In the same month, Boeing announced  27 new orders for the 737 MAX, but noted 25 of those aircraft were part of an order from Virgin Australia that replaced a larger order for 48 of the previously grounded planes.

The FAA cleared the 737 Max In November

Irish carrier Ryanair had announced that it would purchase 75 additional MAX aircraft, but that deal was not announced as part of last month’s financial reports. Last month in November, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officially cleared the way for the 737 MAX to return to the sky. 

The agency has re-certified the controversial aircraft almost two years after it was grounded due to two fatal crashes. The first  post-grounding, non-test flight for the MAX took place December 2, as the American Airlines aircraft carried members of the media between Dallas and Tulsa, Oklahoma. On December 29, the first post-grounding MAX flight with paying customers in the U.S. will take off.

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