Blanket Travel Bans Will Not Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus: WTTC President

Panic associated with the spread of coronavirus has led to blanket travel restrictions around the world. Gloria Guevara, President & CEO of WTTC  (World Travel & Tourism Council) has said that closing borders blanket travel bans and more extreme government policies will not stop the spread of coronavirus.

Guevera has had first-hand experience dealing with a major viral incident when the H1N1 influenza virus broke out in Mexico. She has called for governments and authorities worldwide to not overreact with disproportionate measures as they try to control the spread of the virus.

Panic will only cause more problems 

She said:  “Governments and those in authority must not seek to choke travel and trade at this time. Closing borders, imposing blanket travel bans and implementing extreme policies are not the answer to stopping the spread of coronavirus. Past experience shows that taking such extreme action has been ineffective at best. We urge governments to explore fact-based measures which don’t affect the vast majority of people and businesses for whom travel is essential.”

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Image of the Coronavirus (Source: Wikipedia)

84 countries across the world have reported cases of the coronavirus. While there have been several deaths, there have also been complete recoveries. It is important at this time, for the government to educate citizens about the spread of the virus and how they can maintain hygiene. 

Guevara added, “One death is one too many from any virus but now is not the time to panic. We understand there is huge concern about Covid-19. However, it’s important to remember that fatality rates remain very low and the chances of contracting the virus, for the vast majority of people, are very remote if they travel responsibly and observe simple hygiene measures.”


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