Balearic Islands Ready To Welcome International Tourists

As the threat of COVID-19 has reduced in Spain, the Balearic Islands are planning to reopen for tourism. Spain has reached the third stage of the reopening plan. Following in the footsteps of Formentera, the country decided to reopen the islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca.

How does this reopening benefit people?

With this reopening, hotels can now run at 50% occupancy, while bars and restaurants can run indoor areas at 75% capacity. Also, all sizes of retail shops are allowed to open and people can exercise and walk outside without any limitation.

Vicent Torres, deputy director of the Balearic Islands Tourism Board, said: “We are encouraged that we have reached a stage whereby we can move to the next phase of Spain’s reopening plan. This is a positive step for the local tourism industry and paves the way for the reopening of the islands on an international level. To enable travelers to plan for their trips, we have designed a new travel planner for those who are now sitting at home gearing up for their next getaway to our islands.”


He added: “We hope this new tool will allow them to experience the islands in an even more authentic way and we look forward to welcoming our British visitors back as soon as possible.”

According to new rules, travel between the islands is now permissible, people can move freely around the individual islands, movement on beaches with maximum group size of 20. The islands have also introduced a trip planner which will help guests adjust to the new situation.

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