Australia Likely To Keep Borders Closed Till 2021

In order to control the transmission of coronavirus, Australia is planning to keep its borders closed to international tourists until 2021. Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said the decision of closing the borders has helped control the spread of virus across the country. 

He also informed that international borders are likely to remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Restrictions on travel are important

While speaking to the media, Birmingham noted that the imposed restrictions on open tourist-based travel in or out of Australia were quite important in order to control the current situation. He added that the health and safety of people is the first priority of the country. When he was asked if there was a chance this will continue next year, he said, “I think that is more likely the case”. 

Three months have passed since indefinite restrictions have been imposed on international tourism due to coronavirus. Australian citizens are allowed to move out of the country only during an emergency situation. As of now, in Australia restrictions on other things have eased. 

As the borders remain closed, Australian citizens will not be allowed to travel overseas. They can move under certain privileges like for limited business travel. Adding to this Birmingham said that the government is planning to ease entry rules for returning citizens, students, and other long-term visitors. 

Birmingham highlighted that in order to return Australians back to the country safely, a 14-day quarantine period is appropriate. 

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