Universal Studios-Hollywood, California
Universal Studios-Hollywood, California

Universal studios released a statement that, starting 29 may 2021, guests who are fully vaccinated will not be required to wear their masks in the resort. Vaccinating a large percentage of their population is one of the US’s important strategies in order to break the virus chain and curb the pandemic. The United states has vaccinated almost 50% of its population so far. 

Universal studios officials said that they had come to this decision based on the new guidelines that had been issued by the CDC. However, the officials also said that while they do not require proof of vaccination, they do expect their guests to comply with their revised policy and use face masks if they have not been vaccinated. The guests will no longer be required to wear their masks in the outdoor settings, however it is preferable if they wear their masks while in closed/indoor parts of the theme park such as stores, restaurants and even in lines for rides. Universal studies will also continue to follow its social distancing rules, but this is a step further in terms of easing their mask guidelines. Although vaccinated guests will not be required to wear face masks, staff will need to regardless of their vaccination status. 

This has brought in a mixed response from people, some say that with the mask mandate disappearing, it is a sign of return to normalcy. Whereas others say that not having to show proof of vaccination, one really does not know how many are completely vaccinated and if all the guests are truly adhering to the guidelines. This further puts other guests at risk of catching the virus.

Other parks like SeaWorld, Adventure World and Discovery Cove have also made similar announcements.

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