Turkish Airlines, an airline with the most international flights and a passionate interest in numerous sports, played host to the Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup Amateur Series from December 4 to 7 at Antalya Gloria Golf Resort. In addition to corporate and loyalty program participants, notable figures from the business community graced the occasion.

Since its inception in 2013, Turkish Airlines has expanded its objective of fostering connections between nations, continents, and cultures by providing global assistance to sports and sports organizations. To this end, the airline has annually hosted the Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup. Once more, this year it assembles over 7,000 participants who engage in over eighty tournaments across the globe.

The inaugural Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup, which was sponsored by Gloria Hotels & Resorts and Ruck & Maul, spanned eighteen distinct regions and over eighty destinations in 61 additional countries during its eighth season in 2013. In the tournament’s grand final, finalists from each of these locations participated.

At the Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup Grand Finals in Antalya, Ghislain SAHALI represented Zagreb/Croatia and finished as World Champion with 47 points. Batzorig BAYARBILEG placed second, and Delroy LEE placed third. Peter Rhys MCKEEVER achieved the most modest aggregate score of 75.

After the conclusion of the Grand Finals, Ahmet Olmuştur, the Chief Marketing Officer of Turkish Airlines, expressed his gratitude once more to all of the attendees who contributed to the success of the Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup in Antalya. Watching the tournament was an absolute delight. Congratulations to Ghislain Sahali and Peter Rhys McCkeever, the winners of the TAWGC series.

For further updates on the Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup Amateur Series, including news, results, videos, and photographs, please visit www.turkishairlines.com/golf.


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