Turkish Airlines, founded in 1933 with a modest fleet of 5 aircraft, has secured its position on the global stage with its accelerating growth year after year. In particular, over the past two decades, it has outperformed the industry average in terms of development in capacity, passenger numbers, and profitability, becoming one of the most significant players in global aviation today.

Turkish Airlines has made significant contributions to the country’s economy and employment, and it has revealed its plans for the 100th anniversary of its founding with the general public.

In accordance with its vision for 2033, the following strategic focus areas seek to generate significant value for the stakeholders of the national flag carrier:

  • Achieving a total revenue of more than 50 billion USD by 2033,
  • During 2023-2033, achieving an EBITDAR margin between 20% and 25%
  • Improving efficiency, maintaining cost discipline, and creating new opportunities to generate additional revenue to sustain the airline’s solid financial performance.
  • Adding 140 billion USD in value to the Turkish economy by 2033,
  • Increasing the fleet size to 435 aircraft by 2023 and to over 800 aircraft by 2033; increasing the number of passenger destinations to 400.
  • Increasing the passenger capacity from 2023 to 2033 by 7% per year on average,
  • 170 million passengers will be served by 2033, up from 85 million in 2023.
  • Having reached 150 thousand employees, including subsidiaries,
  • By 2033, doubling the volume of cargo transported and positioning Turkish Cargo among the top three cargo carriers globally; leveraging the capabilities of its cargo centre, SmartIST, which is one of the world’s largest air cargo terminals.
  • Establishing the airline’s low-cost subsidiary AnadoluJet as a separate subsidiary; repositioning its brand, restructuring its revenue and cost structures, and attaining a fleet size of 200 aircraft of the newest generation to strengthen its competitive position;
  • Improving passenger experience and brand recognition by:

– Offering individualised service across all service channels for each passenger

– Completing cabin renovation to improve the in-flight experience

– Expanding the Miles & Smiles customer loyalty programme and boosting the number of active members

– Be among the top three airlines worldwide in terms of providing the finest digital experience by implementing new digital transformation projects

  • To become a sustainable airline by:

– Increasing the number of aircraft of the newest generation in the fleet

– Increasing the use of environmentally responsible aviation fuel

– Increasing the number of LEED-certified buildings to increase the use of renewable energy

– Becoming “Carbon Neutral” by 2050 by implementing carbon emission offsetting initiatives.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat, Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines, stated, “Being able to grow from our humble beginnings of 90 years ago into one of the world’s leading airlines is a great honor for us.

Today, Turkish Airlines, a 90-year-old giant, is in our view a dynamic and young adult, actively continuing its development. Yes, our journey is still very long, and as our country’s national airline, we consistently implement and set our short, middle and long-term goals on this adventure where we reach all four corners of the world.

We are happy to share our goals that will significantly contribute to our country’s economy and development in the next 10 years by declaring our strategic planning for our 100th anniversary, which we will celebrate 10 years from now.

As a member of this beautiful institution, which is Türkiye’s most well-known global brand in the international community, we assure that we are walking confidently towards our goal of becoming the world’s best airline company, and thus, we will continue to make our nation proud for many more long years. We wish our 2033 goals, which we announced, to be auspicious for all.”

Turkish Airlines, which employs more than 75,000 people with its subsidiaries, will continue to fly the national flag of Turkey with its unmatched network, modern fleet, exemplary service approach, and remarkable financial performance in the future years.


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