Travelport, a global technology firm that supports bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel suppliers worldwide, has announced that a number of new supplier connections will provide more content to travel shops on Travelport+. New and expanded agreements between Travelport and and Hertz will provide retailers using Travelport+ with more options for accommodation rates and car rentals. By the end of 2022, Travelport-connected agencies will also have access to more options from Air France-KLM and Lufthansa Group NDC content.

 “This is the fourth chapter in our delivery of Travelport+, where we’re giving agents access to more supplier options and fueling their ability to sell more air, hotel, and car offers as we broaden and expand our content catalog,” said Jen Catto, Travelport’s Chief Marketing Officer. “This update also helps our supplier partners reach even more of the right customers, with the ability to tailor products to drive sales through the indirect retail channel. As with everything we build, with the end traveler in mind, more options mean a more relevant customer experience.”

More Flight Options
As the demand for travel increases, Travelport ensures that travel retailers have more options readily available for their clients by delivering even more material to ensure that everyone has the best possible shopping experience. Air France-KLM NDC content is being added to Travelport+, and in 2022, Travelport will begin rolling out Lufthansa Group NDC content. In addition, Travelport is integrating three new airlines, Congo Airways, FlyGTA, and US-Bangla Airlines, as well as eleven new ancillaries, and four additional airlines now offer Branded Fares.

More Hotel Selections
Travelport’s new relationship with enables a broader selection of rates across 140,000 hotel properties accessible via the Travelport+ platform; this number will increase to over one million properties by early 2023. Travelport is also standardizing additional hotel content to make workflows simpler for developers and agents, so that merchants and passengers can benefit from a greater selection of properties and rooms, better searches, and greater rate transparency.’s Director of Global Distribution Partnerships, Jeremy Cornuau, stated, “By offering travel retailers a wider range of rates for accomodation properties on Travelport+, we are making it easier for them to search and book the most desirable options. With more information and more choices all in one place, together, we’re creating a smarter, simpler shopping experience for everyone.”

More car rental choices
As the cost of car rentals is a major concern for many travelers, Travelport+ is now offering Hertz pre-paid car rental rates through an expanded content distribution agreement. Travel merchants utilizing Travelport+ will now have new revenue-generating potential with car rentals booked through the platform, as well as the ability to deliver a better customer experience and increase traveler satisfaction.

Cheryl Reynolds, Senior Director – Distribution Strategy and Revenue Integrity at Hertz, stated, “We are delighted to provide Hertz prepaid rates on Travelport+. This additional content will further our relationships with our mutual agency partners and ensure customers have a choice when selecting the ideal product for their travels.”

Simplifying Transactions
In addition to extending its travel content offering, Travelport is focusing hard on making the process of handling swaps for Travelport+ agents even simpler. In the coming months, Travelport+ clients will have access to the next generation of Automated Exchanges, which streamlines trip management by automating tedious manual ticket-change operations. With its vastly improved graphical workflow, Automated Exchanges will drastically save expenses and conserve agents’ and travelers’ valuable time.


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