The US is taking steps to reopen international travel with Canada, the European Union, United Kingdom, and Mexico. The US has planned to do this as it has a Vaccination rate of almost 50%, with 63% of adult Americans having received at least one dose and 52% of adult Americans completely vaccinated. The rate of spread of the infection has reduced drastically and due to all these factors, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) along with the United States government has set new guidelines, wherein people who are vaccinated can go mask-free in public places.

Due to all these developments, the US is taking steps to reopen the country for international travel. US Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow has said in a statement that “this announcement marks an important step forward in our national recovery from the pandemic. U.S. Travel and its membership believe a public-private task force can quickly develop a blueprint to reopen international inbound travel and jumpstart sustained jobs and economic recovery. With decreased infection rates in the U.S. combined with the administration’s goal of having a critical mass of Americans fully vaccinated by July 4th, there is a true near-term opportunity to safely being to welcome back international visitors”. President Joe Biden also plans to have 70% of adult Americans vaccinated with their first dose by the 4th of July as well.

International travel can be restarted safely by adhering to a scientific and risk-based approach and the U.S. hopes that the working groups will be able to put a framework for reopening very quickly.

The travel industry has also praised President Joe Biden for taking this critical, but necessary step which will also really help boost the economy. The travel industry will work along with the Federal Government in all ways to make this a success as well.


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