Joining us today on The Journey Managers we have with us Mr Praveen Gandhi, Founder and Principal Consultant of Praveen Gandhi & Associates, and get the #exclusive insight into the world of travel management companies. Tune in now!

The Journey Managers with Mr Suresh Makhija- Chief Strategist, W2H Consulting focuses on the leadership within Travel Management Companies and brings together their views and perspectives on the roadmap to recovery from the pandemic (COVID 19) scenario.

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  1. Excellent programme Mr Suresh with Mr PG our boss/friend .Very experienced and valid opinion expressed .As he said Travel Business depends totally on so many “Whats”. Yes ..One thing he made it very clear that the Travel Business WILL not be same again.
    Automation , Agressive Selling ,bare minimal operation cost, with NoCredit are the Key Points to be noted and followed to be in Travel Business.
    Thank You for the programme
    Ananth Rao
    Ex CWT Hyderabad

  2. Another cameo A very insightful and comprehensive interview Once again Suresh u managed to nail it in a nut shell by asking key questions.Thank you Mr.Praveen Gandhi for valuable inputs n offering some great ideas ????


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