Are you looking for a brand new series that focuses on the leadership within Travel Management Companies and brings together their views and perspectives on the roadmap to recovery from the pandemic (COVID 19) scenario? Well here is it.

Welcome to – “The Journey Managers with Mr Suresh Makhija, Chief Strategist, W2H Consulting as we try to understand, review, and get guidelines for a better, strong, tenacious future. So tune in on our first ever episode with Mr Ajay Bali, Managing Director of BCD Travel, and get the #exclusive insight into the world of travel management companies.

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  1. Very informative and useful insights from Mr. Ajay Bali. Suresh, I would have liked to know from the Veterans like Mr. Ajay Bali, how he seems the smaller agencies existence post Covid.
    Suresh, you should also interview some mid sized and small agents to get their views on how they are surviving at present and how they see the future.


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