On this week’s episode of #SuperwomenofTravel, we have with us Ms Pooja Malhotra, Founder of Divas Sojourn. Ms Malhotra shares with us her passion for travel and highlights the importance of providing women with social and professional networking options. Divas Sojourn deals with adventurous destinations camps for children of various age groups along with glamorous camping for women.

How do women in leadership roles navigate the dynamics of the industry? On ‘The Superwomen of Travel’ we continue to explore the story of these women leaders and their experiences in the travel industry.

So Tune in and watch the #exclusive now.

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  1. wow vry nice pooja u r such a wonderful lady i was travel with pooja so many place such ur vry greatful lady with ur work i hv no words for u pooja once again you r deserve it. thanks


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